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We sat down with Bauerhaus Bar Manager, Jacob Ziebell to ask a few questions...

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Ask the Bar Manager | March 1, 2020

What is the best part about being the Bauerhaus Bar Manager?
Jacob Ziebell: The most satisfying part about being the Bauerhaus Bar Manager is experiencing the originality of each event with our wide range of clientele. Whether it be friends coming together to celebrate for a corporate christmas party, or a bride and groom enjoying their special day with their family and friends, it is always rewarding to serve our guests with a smile. There is no better feeling than being a part of all of the laughs, toasts, and special moments that become memories.

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What are some of the Bauerhaus bar package options?
Jacob Ziebell: The best part about the Bauerhaus Bar packaging is that we are always flexible because we cater to your needs. We offer a wide range of draft and bottled beer, complemented by a nice selection of house wines, as well as a broad variety of house and premium cocktails that your guests will be sure to enjoy. One of our most popular packages is our draft beer and house wine package which is great for almost any type of event. Yet, you also cannot go wrong with the premium cocktail package for those guests that prefer the taste of finer spirits and liqueurs.

What is your favorite cocktail?
Jacob Ziebell: I have multiple go-to cocktails, but my favorite has to be a classic: The Old Fashioned. Here is my recipe:

2 oz Woodford Reserve, Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey
1 teaspoon of water
1/2 teaspoon of sugar
3 dashes of Angostura Bitters
1 orange peel for garnish

Add ice to a cocktail mixer, followed by 2 oz of Woodford Reserve. Next sprinkle in the sugar and add the teaspoon of water, followed by 3 dashes of bitters. Then, shake the ingredients aggressively for 15-20 seconds. Place the orange peel at the bottom of a rocks glass and top it with plenty of ice. Finally, slowly strain your cocktail shaker over your glass and enjoy!

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What is the most unique thing you have seen a bride and groom do with their bar package?
Jacob Ziebell: I find it very creative when the bride and groom complete the theme of their wedding day with their specialty cocktails. Whether it be matching colors of their signature cocktails to their flowers or wedding colors, or naming their cocktail after someone special to them. One instance that comes to mind, was a daytime wedding with breakfast on the menu. Rather than just sticking to the usual, the bride and groom chose to treat everyone to bloody marys(with bacon of course) and mimosas. It's hard to go wrong with chicken and waffles with bottomless bloody marys and mimosas! Click here to start planning your event!

Ask the Bar Manager | Jacob Ziebell

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