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We sat down with Bauerhaus wedding coordinator, Tara Fewkes to ask a few questions...

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Ask the Wedding Coordinator | February 3, 2020

What does it mean to be a Bauerhaus Bride?
Tara Fewkes: Being a Bauerhaus Bride means every last detail is executed to perfection by an amazing group of people. You don't have to worry... you get to enjoy like a guest at your own wedding. Our award winning coordinators, culinary team, pastry chef, DJ and servers work together to create an experience like no other. Our goal is to exceed not only your expectations but the expectations of your guests! If you are looking for an all-inclusive venue, then, look no further.

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What level of involvement can I expect. How many meetings will we have?
Tara Fewkes: Typically, we have 2 or 3 detailed meetings. In these meetings, we bring your Pinterest board to life with specialty linens, desserts, cocktail beverages, outstanding meals and presentation selections- nothing is too big or too small. Throughout the process, we are always a call or email away. We will adapt to your preferred level of communication.

Tara, How many weddings have you planned?
Tara Fewkes: Over 150 weddings - each of them being unique, with new trends everyday - which makes me love the job even more because no wedding is the same.

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What has been your favorite part of your job as a Bauerhaus wedding coordinator?
Tara Fewkes: I love seeing it all come together! You work with a bride for over a year on creating this fairy-tale night that she has dreamed of her entire life and my favorite part is to see her (and her mom's) face when they walk through the door. I love handling all the details and letting a bride truly enjoy herself! I really enjoy getting to see all the decor and menu trends and doing something new and out of the box! Building connections and creating memories with not only with each couple but also their families and other vendors, is truly the most rewarding part! Click here to start planning your wedding!

Ask the Wedding Coordinator | Tara Fewkes

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